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Scuba diving in Amorgos
The varied coastline of Amorgos offers numerous exciting explorations for diving enthusiasts. The underwater rocks and the shipwreck are some of the most interesting diving sites.

Mind and body experience

The connection of mind, heart, body and soul. At Pagali Hotel, farm land, nature, nourishment and humanity unite to create the ideal “topos” for the manifestation of oneness. Hike or bike among the olive groves. Be part of our retreats where we open as many doors to oneself, through meditation, gastronomy, sights and sounds.

Hiking and walking tours

Walk around Amorgos’s landscape and learn the plethora of wild herbs, smell and feel the Greek spring that will forever keep you company in your heart. Hike up the majestic monastery of the Chozoviotissa and view the region from the eye of an eagle. We can organize for your group a walk and a picnic at the area.

Local gastronomy experience

Explore local gastronomy of Amorgos, make and bake your own bread, pick the vegetables you need from the garden, prepare your own meal and enjoy it in the farm. Walk around our organic farm and pick fresh edible greens, cut fresh organic vegetables from our gardens and create your meals during our cooking classes under the supervision and expertise of local chefs. Put together the gastronomic and culinary experience puzzle of the region. Enjoy a slow food experience, cut, boil, bake and create special dishes with a wide range of local products.


Pagali agroutourism center, Amorgos
Agrotourism brings you really close to nature and the daily activities, while you also get to know the traditional cuisine and local products.

Olive oil experience

Discover all the secrets of the green gold of Greece, how to distinguish the fresh, extra virgin olive oil and the Greek olive varieties and how to store your olive oil properly. This unique olive oil experience will teach you how to evaluate and choose the best olive oils for your cooking and dinner table.

At the Pagali hotel you can also participate in:

  • In a day-trip and picnic in Nikouria, a small island opposite Amorgos. The trip includes transport by boat, meal preparation and lunch on the sandy beach, fishing, and water sports.
  • Cooking classes (upon request)
  • Dance classes (upon request)

Contact us for more information.

Make the most of your explorations on Amorgos island with an experienced tour guide. Whether you are planning a driving guided tour or a guided hiking tour, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with an expert tour guide.
Vasiliki Zachou
Mosaic art classes and art activities, for children and adults, by artist Vasiliki Zachou